Since curries are the flavah of da month (sigh…), I wanted to pitch in with my favourite curry dishes. I think one of the first food preparations I served my boyfriend was a completely faux curry from some Hawaiian cook book. It’s basically throwing cooked chicken bits, cream and curry powder – otherwise it wouldn’t BE curry, now would it???? – in warmed up mushroom soup. Yes, yes, it sounds completely blergh, but it was soooo good. Certainly better than the Japanese rice + tofu salad we gobbled every noon. From then on I, or rather, we were curry afficionados. I’ve gradually moved up to the real thing (though in some dishes I still add raisins!). Inbetween I managed to go completely gaga over Japanese curry. It’s very basic: you just cook meat, potatoes and onion and after half an hour or so add the curry paste. Totemo oishii desu yo!