Booze cruises to France are a dangerous thing
Once again we came back from France overladen with Food and booze, here is a rough list of what came back with us, through this week I’ll try and list out what we’ve done with it all:
Big lump of Horse (this has already been eaten, simply roasted with a gravy from the browning pan de-glazed with fortified Shiraz)
2 duck legs confit
a slab of salted belly pork
a couple of spicy sausages
boudin noir (with onions)
boudin blanc (with ceps)
4 slabs of assorted chocolate (one of the flavors has chilli in it)
some veal escalope (to be had tonight with a mushroom and creme fraiche sauce)
a big bunch of swiss chard (braised in garlic to accompanythe horse last night – and very very nice)
a horse sausage.
a big slice of pate de campagne.
a box of almond clams

That’s about it, apart from numerous bottles of beer and wine (but no weightwatchers wine – WEIGHTWATCHERS WINE!?!?!?!??!)

Stay tuned for updates, but I sense a Cassoulet coming on.