There are several Turkish places called Mangal in Dalston, and my friend R characterises this one as “the one where they’re not incredibly rude to the customers” – I haven’t been to the others so I don’t know if this is fair, except that they are certainly very sweet in this one. Her lamb stew was too salty to finish, but I got so much salad etc with my mixed kebabs that we both had more than enough. Anyway, the point of mentioning this is that kebabs, great in themselves, taste even better when GILBERT AND GEORGE are also eating them, six tables away. Actually we were too far away to see what they had – plus R was too shy to turn round and stare. What I can say is, as a couple, G&G have in no way reached the we-don’t-talk-anymore stage: they both chattered non-stop to one another, very seriously. Maybe they were talking about art. Maybe they were talking about us. What is an easy way to remember which is which? (Bearing in mind I don’t know left from right yet…)