My bus stop has been invaded by soup. Not only are there Heinz microwaveable soup posters on every available bit of glass, they have also turned the seats in the shelter into giant plastic replicas of the packaging. I was quite confused yesterday morning. Vandalism? Hangover? No, they really had integrated huge, slippery red and yellow tub things into the existing seats. Nobody was sitting on them, naturally. The Heinz website admits nothing about this promotion, and although it might be a personal foible that the sight of wall to wall tomato soup before 8am makes me want to heave, the wish to sit down on something a bit more substantial that a buckling plastic pot is surely universal. However, I did discover from the website that you can download a handy screensaver: “As you make Heinz ketchup a part of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack, the Heinz Screensaver keeps track of the hour in 29 locations around the globe.” How did I live without it?