It has been a long day. People marching around London, I had a seminar and given a window of an hour I need to be at the pub I thought food. Off I went, in the wrong direction, to the Hare & Tortoise for the mentioned before Malaysian Chicken Curry. I get close, despite it being 7:30 there are a few seats free and then : crisis. There is someone else sitting in there, on his own, who I did not want to see. If I say the fellow had black nail-varnished finger-nails you get the drift. What to do?

Well item one is hide behind a pillar outside the restaurant. Hooray for 1960’s architecture. How long has he been in there? What are the chances of me on my own being approached by him – on his own – and attacked. It would be rude to not acknowledge him if I enter, but he is the kind of guy who I want to be rude to. In the end I walk round the corner to a curry house that I rather like.

But double disaster. Hot Chilli is empty. Usually I don’t have a huge problem about going into an empty restaurant, but usually I am accompanied. Dining on your own, in an empty restaurant is probably even beyond me. So I keep walking. Back to the Hare & Tortoise. Maybe he was waiting for his bill. He wasn’t. Suddenly I don’t feel like food, get myself a double decker and pop back to work to write this. Like I say, its been a long day and now I’m off to the pub. And will be hungry when I wake up.