Full Four-Organ Breakfast (defined for Felicity): full english breakfast – bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatos, beans, toast or fried bread – PLUS kidneys, black pudding and sausage. How this works: kidneys = obv (organ 1). Sausage = nose and, er, porcine parson’s nose (organs 2&3). Black puddings = blood, barley (yes yes not organs) and fat (organ 4) (look I read an article in New Scientist headlined “Fat is the largest organ in your body” so eat it buster) (if you don’t shut up I’ll replace it with SAVELOY – fr.the italian for BRAINS – and I think you’ll agree that saveloy for breakfast is a STEP TOO FAR EVEN FOR FELICITY!!)

Now return to your constituencies and make this so.