WALKERS SENSATIONS: I was upbraided for not including Walkers Sensations in my very-brief history of crisps. I had a slight distrust of these crisps: they are unquestionably a premium brand, and in my experience premium brands of entirely non-premium items tend to be a waste of time. I still have a slight distrust of them ‘ this is because they are clearly the product of magic or an alien science, or else Willy Wonka is working for Walkers.

Sensations give a radical kicking to the crisp paradigm thus: the taste you get in your mouth is the same as the flavour description. This is unheard of, given that previous generations of crisps have been unable to get something as simple as salt and vinegar tasting of salt and vinegar. Whereas the Sensations crisp coolly tackles Lamb and Mint and it is like a meal in your mouth ‘ the soft subtleties of lamb, the familiar brashness of mint, the honest wholesome potato base. Num num. My only concern is that Sensations will herald a new age of crisp-making that will drive out the old super-fake flavourings like boring ‘realistic’ graphics have driven out shitey cartoon graphics in most PlayStation games. Surely there is room for both!