Transatlantic celery mindmeld!! It’s been unusually sunny and warm over the past few days in New York City, but today it was a little colder and autumn-y and I thought, ‘I should make soup!’ I made a beautiful vegetable stock to use up all the odds and ends I had in the fridge, which included a big bunch of celery I had bought for a dollar. A few hours after I had finished cooking (the results were fantastic — and costed almost nothing!) I thought ‘I should blog about the glories of celery’ and I looked and hey presto, Pete had done it minutes before! Creepy! Unlike Pete though I didn’t grow to love celery — I always liked it, especially done up kindergarten-lunch-stylee with peanut butter and raisins on top. My favorite celery-related consumable, though, has gotta be Dr Brown’s inimitable Cel-Ray soda. Celery-flavored soda pop: the drink of the gods!