I can’t stop thinking about my dinner at Lomzynianka. My meal was cheap, tasty, satisfying Polish food. After rejecting two restaurants in Williamsburg (Brunch only? Four dollars for borscht? Screw that!), my dining companion and I finally made it to Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint. The restaurant’s decor is reminiscent of your neighbours’ rec room, and the food has an equally homey flavor. Nothing is under $5.50, and I splurged on the Polish platter: stuffed cabbage, kielbasa, bigos, pierogis and potatoes. Mmm meat and starch! The pierogis can be had fried or boiled; mine came fried. There were three different fillings. I am partial to the potato and cheese. Farmer’s cheese is a bit sweet but still tasty, as is the sauerkraut and mushroom. Bigos was new to me, but contains familar ingredients like sauerkraut, mushrooms, and meat. Yum. Who’s up for a return visit?