Tonights s.h.o.p.p.i.n.g ( in order of scannage).

1. Carton of TROPICANA (no bits) – the time has come where economy juice makes my mouth wince. It is a TRAITOR!
2. Fresh basil
3. Fresh mint (mmmmmmmm-INTAY!)
4. Organic parmiaggio reggiannnioiiiaj ggio oh sod it PARMESAN CHEESE. This, which is entirely FLABBERGASTING upon looking at the recipt, cost me ‘4.71 and shall only be used when making pasta with caviar and TRUFFLES or something.
5. C&B B/PACK SML CHUN… what the nuts is this?? Oh I think it’s my small bottle of PICKLE. Nummy bloody nummy.
6. Organic lemongs
7. Fresh thyme
8. BALSAMIC VINEGAR!!! What an utter ponce! I spent rather a long time in front of the poncey vinegar section. Cor this one is cheaper but you get less than you do in the big one so it’s probably better anyway but it LOOKS cheap well perhaps that is coz it doesn’t need to put on airs and graces OR perhaps Sarah it’s just cheap oh dear my big fat arse is blocking the aisle, choose CHOOSE oh sod it I’ll get the one I remember lurking around Rick and Katie’s old gaff.
9. Country Lifer BURRER (unsalted)
10. Honey and ginger shower gel (I am not sure whether to wash in it or eat it on toast)
11. Safeways equivalent of Finest/Best/Taste The Difference choc and ginger cookies
12. Jacobs Herb crackers. This is only to try and make up for not being able to find herby matzo crackers ANYWHERE.
13. Walkers ludicrous oven roasted chicken and thyme flavour crisps in special offer with,….
14. You all knew it, Walkers Slow Roasted Lamb and Mint flavour crisps.

Although seeing #s 13 and 14 I don’t know why I bothered getting any food as obv they are an entire self contained meal in their own write.