Celery lovers unite BUT DO NOT DRAG ME DOWN WITH YOU! Far better than rubbish stinky celery is celery ROOT, i.e, CELERIAC!! Now it’s root vegetable season again and we have a functioning oven I’m expecting lots of turnips, taters and indeed the aforementioned CELERIAC to be going in my happy shopping basket.

Geeta mentions Cel-Ray soda but CELERIAC FANS ph34r not! For in Planet Organic, I found CELERIAC JUICE. I still doubt I will be buying any though, as I spent a fortune in there last night on various:

pumpking puree inna jar (I am going to make pumpkin PIE!)
elderflower cordial (Does this make me a ponce or a goth or BOTH?)
happy camembert (Added bonus of coming from happy cows HURRAH also it is smaller than yr miserable camembert BEHEMOTHS you see in Tesco Safeway Asda et al so you can eat it ALL plonked under the grill for a few minutes with a hem-hem SPRINKLING of nutmeg on the top without so much fear of heart attack)!

I still think celery is minging but perhaps next time I plan a jug of Bloody Marys and need some for swizzling purposes, I shall give it another bish. (Also celeriac is HAIRIER => more fun!!!)