Bars we have known. (And a moment of synchronicity with Mark’s last post). On Sunday morning, as you do, we wondered whether Wispas were still being made. Yours truly drew the short straw and made the long walk for the Sunday papers, and was also tasked with looking for a Wispa.

Mr H., our newsie, was sorry to inform us that they were not, but offered instead Dairy Milk with bubbles in. What seems to have happened is that Cadbury’s have streamlined their chocolate bar ranges. So what you get is a range of bog-standard Dairy Milk bars in chunks, with a variety extras. And where there was Wispa, there shall Dairy Mulk Bubble be. (NB Can’t be arsed to find out the exact name, and when you get to the end of this entry, you won’t want to find out either. Except maybe to avoid it.)

Anyway, having purchased one of these monstrosities (oops, giving away the ending again) and some white chocolate maltesers from Alldays next door, I set off home. Now I hate Dairy Milk chocolate: it’s far too sweet for me for a start (chocolate is *not* supposed to be sweet), and a bit too creamy. Wispa, I seem to remember, used to be a bit darker, and a bit subtler. So inevitably, disappointment is on the menu for breakfast chez CB/AT…

… But luckily, I’d also picked up some Thai Sweet Chilli flavour Walkers Sensations. So that was all right then. NB no-one I have imparted this information too can believe that the Wispa has been discontinued, although I have a vague memory of it being announced at some point. If anyone can confidently confirm or deny please feel free!