APPLE CRISPS! These I believe have long been the staple of health food shops, but yesterday one of our supplies gave me a pack for potentially stocking in our shop. They are odd no mistake. Less, erm, crisp than a potato crisp, yes definately giving a crunch. A sweet crunch none the less. In crinkle cut form, and with appealing red rims where the skin was – and a hole in the middle where the core was. From a marketing perspective I would big up the hole more, in texture and shape they are not a million miles away from a crinkle cut Disco. That tastes of apple.

They are very moreish once you have got your head around the apple/crisp puzzler. However what interested me most was that the packed contained the goodness of five apples. Dried. Reading the copy nmy carton of apple juice this morning a similar claim was made. All the goodness of five apples. Which raises two questions:
a) Where does the goodness reside? In the flesh or the juice? Surely you can’t have it both ways.
b) If I poured a litre of this apple juice in the packet of apple crisps and shook it up a bit, would I have the equivalent of five apples. Or a pappy mess?