The Sun And 13 Cantons is not a bad pub, in as much as it is a pub at all. Yes it is overpriced, yes its wipe down clean tables are aspiring to bardom: but they are catering for a media kind of market who like that kind of thing. I am not sure though if even this kind of audience is particularly keen on giant plasma screens showing disassociated clips of extreme sports, extreme dancing and bright colours.

It has been well documented, the problem of televisions in pubs. The TV is a natural eye magnet, as many of our associates noted yesterday. Fine for sport, they should be off for everything else. This plasma screen though seems a bit different. Taylor made bits, linked with the odd bouze advert and advert for the pub itself (declaring proudly that they had a live DJ “most” Fridays). The content was a little bit colourful kooky for its own sake, and plenty of Jackass like tomfoolery.

Who is this for? It threatened to derail many of our conversations, people eyes being sucked up. For people without any conversational skills (they could oof-a-long-a sports injury). Were they for the amusement of people sitting ont heir own? The only singleton in the pub had his back resolutely turned against it and was happier writing in his journal and reading a David Eddings in Dutch. Pointless contraptions, spoiling our pubses.