I was having a sniff around for information on Punch Taverns, who are Britain’s second biggest pub owners but who don’t brand their pubs as aggressively as do Wetherspoons. I was doing this because Wetherspoons’ latest results are poor (yay!) whereas Punch’s are on the up. Anyway the shadowy PT organisation remains so, but I did stumble upon this, an old CAMRA industry overview.

I’m linking it because of the Whitbread study it mentions on women drinkers. I’m always a sucker for segmentation analyses (particularly having done a few so I can spot when the analysts are trying to cover up non-results – ‘being’ in this case) ‘ anyway here are the eight modes of female drinking, c.1999

shepherding (with kids, drink halves)
minx (drink PPL (premium packaged lagers))
princessing (wine, flavoured spirits)
hunting (lager, vodka)
bloking (pints)
being (solo, varying drinks)
indulging (liqueurs, g&t, wine)
bonding (Bridget Jones, gossip, buy rounds, share bottles)