HERE’S WHAT I HATE #1: CABBAGE!! Two minor celebrations running I have had to pick my way delicately through an otherwise excellent meal – once at Stockpots in Old Compton Street (Fried Liver and Onions) and once at the Korean restaurant Bu-San in the Holloway Road (Lamb w.Garlic and Ginger in a Spicy Sauce) – bcz there is cabbage present. I *like* raw cabbage; I *LOVE* red cabbage. But unred cabbage cooked is just intolerable to me, perhaps bcz I’m old enough to remember the days when English Cuisine still meant overboiling everything.

(HERE’S WHAT I LIKE ABOUT UNRED CABBAGE: small Sistrah Becky always referred to the stalk as legs – as in, “Ew, I don’t like the legs!”) (She is right: they are the worst bit…)