Chicken Jalf-lazy Clearly a quiet evening for the staff at the Mirage Indian restaurant on the Archway Road. Despite its extensive menu and cosy atmos, last night the Mirage was devoid of diners. Myself, I was only there for a takeaway (delicious, as ever).

Presumably because of the zero custom, the two waiting staff seemed less than fully committed to their duties. One was doing his ironing in the corner and the other was playing Freecell on a PC by the till. Shouts of “put the jack on the queen” and “put that four on the five” interspersed “There’s nothing like this” by Omar, playing on the restaurant’s stereo. “If you had a brain, you’d be dangerous,” the ironer mocked the Freeceller.

This was not what I was expecting. Public ironing – surely a no-no. Freecell – fine for the office but it’s not an activity that should intrude on your leisure time. Or on my curry time.