Brrrrr! Winter has set in and feeling the cold in the pub last night we all pulled out coats tight round ourselves and looked longingly at the fire that had not been lit. How we cowered when a new pubgoer walked through the door, flapping them open and letting in momentarily a blast of – nice warm air.

Britain is experiencing an Indian summer, what temperature wise would normally be called our normal summer. 25-26 Celcius, pleasantly clement. The Bull & Mouth on New Oxford Street still seems to be oft the opinion that we are still in mid August and have the harshest air conditioning on in the world. As icicles formed on Tom Ewing’s beard it was easy to imagine ourselves in midwinter (the nights are drawing in after all even if the climate isn’t). Pity too, if I had been feeling warm I may have been tempted by the all new alcoholic mini-milk alcopop – the Bailey’s Glide. A long baileys drink, tempered with the taste of Cream Soda – I mean Vanilla. Advertsing an alcopop as you would market a chocolate bar is an interesting concept and possibly plays directly to their stated market, but I still don’t see the need to prolong the Bailey’s experience.