You’ll always find me by the fire at Barbies. It is probably the control freak in me. Luckily it also functions as an eating inhibitor, being in charge of sixteen sizzling items at a time means you rarely have time to ram one of them down your throat. I am also quite good at anticipation the readiness and heat of said grill, ensuring the correct amount of burntness to the food. That said I have noticed a change in the barbeques I have been going to of late.

People are actually marinading stuff at home. Taking an interest in the flavours that come off the barbeque, which causes a problem for me. No longer can I happily stand there and lose attension on the two beefburgers turning into charcoal at the back. Now I have to keep a watchful eye on the half of pig that someone has lovingly slavered sixteen special herbs and spices over. Suddenly not everything that comes off of the grill is supposed to taste of barbeque (Walkers most misguided crisp flavour too). Now there is rosemary encrusted pork, and jerk chicken.

I’m not retiring from my pushy position, I like the flash burns. I am just warning people, it takes time to adjust, so do not throw away the ketchup yet. Sometimes it is best to add the flavours after the fact.