Things I’ve cooked (part 1 of many)

So, last night it was hot, the sort of weather where cooking becomes a chore even for those of us who love it. But for some reason I still wanted to, so made for the quick and easy Squid Salad!

Get some squid tubes, clean dry them. Then, slice the tubes into rings, and their accompanying tentacles in half (making sure you get rid of the inedible beak). Dip these pieces into a mixture of flour, lots of salt, lots of pepper, pimenton and sesame seeds and then fry in a fingers depth of hot oil. This will take about 3 minutes (if not less).

Serve these with some salad leaves that have been tossed with some cold rice noodles and a dressing made from fish sauce, sugar, salt, vinegar (I used cider as it was all I could find), a chopped chilli, garlic and thai basil.

Your kitchen will smell fantastic and your stomach may well thankyou, mine did.

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