Mojitos are the first stereotype drink of the noughties. FACT. And how do I know? From reading chick-lit. And, admittedly, by attending local west-London ponce bars.

Every chick-lit book EVER has a scene concerned with cooking or drinking something that’s very “mode”. An historical 80s chick-lit novel would undoubtedly have had the protagonist messing up an elaborate meal only to bung in a couple of frozen chicken kievs into the microwave, but all we’ve had is the 90s fare on offer — the ditz shows her flat-mate (and coincidentally the person she ends up with) how to make something “now” but surprisingly simple. Usually Wild Mushroom Risotto or Thai Green Chicken Curry.

It really is like that in every single bloody book. I should know. Anyway, Mojitos have made their debut in the recent Lisa Jewell book. So now you know. Go and impress the girl you’ve secretly fancied since you were 8 with your cosmopolitan style.