For the first time in months Pret A Manger have a new sandwich ‘ Gourmet Prawn whose ingredients somehow manage to avoid red onion and indeed are (as listed) appealingly simple. Extra large prawns. Mayo. That’s it. The prawns are only extra large compared to the tiddlers you get in train station prawn sandwiches but they are genuinely juicy and prawnish, and the mayo is very pleasant with a tiny dash of spiciness.

It’s been very difficult to buy a nice prepackaged prawn sandwich for ages now, curious since as we all know from Roy Keane they are the food of choice for the moneyed classes. Even deli prawn sarnies are often far too watery and tasteless, and most of the off-the-shelf ones are downright disgusting (Sutherlands, as stocked in the garage opposite our house in Oval, take a particular prize for cheap mayo sickliness). So thumbs up to Pret for making a pricey but highly edible go of it.