The Euston Hexagon. This was a post Christmas, pre-New Year pub crawl which dragged a good fifteen people to some lesser known pubs in the Euston Area. That was the plan. As it happened the timing meant a couple of the pubs were shut. The original plan was Head Of Steam, The Euston Flyer, Skinners Arms, The Norfolk Arms, Lord John Russel and Mabel’s Tavern (primarily for jukebox action). As it happened SKinners and the Lord John were shut, a last minute sub of The Boot (more of which later) made it up to five which is not strictly a hexagon. The late doors addition of the Dun-A-Ri (again more on which later) made it up to six but made more the shape of the breast cancer ribbon.

Much bouze was drunk and funw as had and the publog salutes those who joined in. Those (of us) who kept drinking til about 2 however are beyond help.