Week of Quiz continues at The Shepherds on Archway Road. No sign of any minor celebrities this evening but still the place was packed out. Those attending were “treated” to a pre-release listening to Coldplay’s new album which was rather a shame, as the jukebox in The Shepherds is normally quite good.

The quiz comprised the usual 30 unthemed questions, cost a pound per team and a gallon of beer was given to the winners. The quiz feels a bit basic – no picture round, no jokers and no PA system (the landlady does a very good job of shouting over the raucous horde of drinkers). Our team came in second or third which I attribute purely to the number of questions requiring pure guesswork (“How long do the oldest cows live; 25+ years, 35+ or 45+?”). Cheating also seemed to be rife – why exactly did that guy step outside the pub with two mobile phones and an answer sheet? It’s by no means an outstanding quiz but is probably worth a go once in a while, if you get there early enough to bag a seat.