Week of Quiz It has long been threatened but now it actually seems like it might happen; seven quizzes in seven nights. Last night we were off to a flying start at The Bailey on Holloway Road. I’d not been to the Bailey before, although I passed it on the bus on many occasions and thought it might be worth a look.

On arrival, I was a bit worried that the quiz might not be on. There were no signs up and everyone seemed engrossed in the TV – Sky Sports on one telly, World War 2 in Color(TM) on the other. Some loud and unnecessary indie music was being played too (inc. The Farm and Dodgy – not even “Good Enough”, they played “In A Room”!) We decided to sample the Thai food (delicious!) and see what developed.

Fortunately for us, the quizmaster (known as “The Fat Controller” to regulars) arrived and the quiz commenced. No entrance fee, ten pictures for the first round, three rounds of ten questions in categories to follow and a jackpot question. Whilst the topics appeared easy (“adverts”, “movies of the 90s”), the questions were of a good difficulty level (i.e. we got some of them right). One or two questions were a bit sloppily worded (“Which soft drink is advertised using oranges”?!) but the rest were good. The atmosphere was most cordial and there wasn’t too much aggro when two newcomers (us) scraped the victory plus cash prize. Highly recommended.