Hello, some of you may know me as Cabbage, however someone on Blogger has already knicked that, anyway, I like pubs, a lot.

Have you ever seen a pub and thought to yourself that it looks fantastic, like the sort of place that you could spend some serious time in? That’s how I felt about the William the Fourth on Leyton High Road (opposite Tescos at the Baker’s arms). Large and Victorian, loads and loads of plants, both in the windows and in hanging baskets, a newly opened micro-brewery attached and a healthy demeanour in general.

Anyway, last Friday afternoon, after a heavy session in the internet shop I felt like a pint so decided to pay my long awaited visit. First impressions were good, not too light, dark carpets (I’m quite picky), radio 1 on the sound system (which I found to be a pleasing distraction to be honest, in my view the radio is a good thing during the day in pubs) and a scattering of local types. The decor in general was pleasing too, old-skool dark colours and local interest photos on the wall, high ceilings, you know the type.

However, the two barmaids definitely had English as a second language, which coupled with a poor grasp of mathematics lead me to be initially charged ‘4.45 for a pint of William the Conqueror and a packet of crisps. They were very apologetic when I pointed this out. However, they weren’t later on when they made me wait aboiut an hour for a simple roast beef baguette with Horseradish!! Admittedly I was in no hurry whatsoever, but still I was feeling rather peckish by the time it arrived. It seemed like everyone in there was waiting ages for food, most of them on breaks from work and so grumbling rather.

It probably sounds as if I really didn’t like the place, but despite all this I did, the beer was excellent, I finished the Guardian crossword in record time, ably accompanied by Mark and Lard, and the whole ambience was that of a proper pub, I think a trip to their Sunday night pub quiz will be a better indicator of how the pub performs.