As a precursor to the Pumpkin Publog Pub Of The Year competition which will be in June/July we have a slightly more disgraceful competition to air first. Now I am not a big pool player (those who know me will confirm that I am not a big anything) but I recognise the place a pool table has in certain pubs. Often the key catalyst for good natured rivalry, and number one progenitor of pub fights – the pool table has a place in all slightly rough boozers. So it is for shame I introduce “The Most Expensive Pool Table In London 2002” competition. The ones in my bar are 50p – which is in this day and age is still cheap. I still balk in having to pay ‘1 for a game but am well aware that this is pretty industry standard. So imagine the shock when I heard that The Kings HEad (so-so Crouch End pub) is now charging ‘1.30 for a game. Not only is this an awkward three coiner, it also seems steep. And Crouch End is by no means the most exclusive neighbourhood in London. So let me know if there is a pool table out there charging more and they can win this anti-competition for the cheapest skates in the pool playing world.