The great World Cup experiment is almost at us. That is – will punters want a pint at seven am with their football. I’m sure there will be some – even if it is only the once for the sheer ability to do it. However the more tempting offer may well be plates of full English (as The Streets would have it). There is something obviously complimentary about lardy food and a pint of beer – if only their calorific intake. Watching football in a pub in this case though is going to be more about the communal experience than getting lashed in front of a big screen, and oddly the timings which are involved will suggest that locals will be the source of this. I have nothing against drinking after work, near work – but its nice to have a local. And if I’m stumbling out of bed at six thirty to see a match – I don’t want to go too far before I see sizzling bacon, world class footie action and maybe a pint. Its full of vitamins after all.