Goth pubs. Saturday night was an adventure for some female publogateers into the dark and dangerous world of pretending to be a goth. After the excesses of the film Queen Of The Damned we obviously needed to retire on tyhe Holloway Road for some Snakebite And Black. Unfortunately the best we could do was The Head which was fantastically dark and cavernous – but was playing the football very loudly (albeit without any pictures for half the game). They then put the lights up and played dance music which wasn’t hard enbough for the children of the night. It transpired our gothswere too scared to even order Snakebite & Black (though Sarah has been on a Guinness and Black tip for a while which is pretty-goth).

The Devonshire Arms in Camden likes to think of itself as the gothest pub in London – though it has always appeared a been clean to me. The Intrepid Fox on the other hand, whilst equally catering for rockers, does have the right air of camp grime – right down to the fake spiders webs. One thing which was noted on Saturday though was if you were drinking lager your purple lipstick did not stand a chance.