It’s all very well for you sturdy robust gentlemen. You don’t have to contend with the paraphernalia of being a woman which makes sitting down an ESSENTIAL PART of enjoying the pub experience. For starters, I am often to be found wearing high heels and standing still in them for any length of time (i.e. more than 1 minute) is not much fun. Plus there’s the whole handbag / coat thing – if I’m standing up where am I going to put my coat? On the floor? Fine for you chaps with your ‘15.99 dark grey Uniqlo fleeces but what about us ladies with our more delicate garments? And no table / chair = nowhere to put my handbag adding a huge amount of extra strain to the whole drink holding / cigarette obtaining & lighting procedure. NOT TO MENTION the fact that wherever you stand in a pub you are going to be in someone’s way, meaning interrupted conversations, drink spillage and a number of other Pub Traumas.

I suggest Publoggers show a bit more consideration towards the lazier sex and focus on pubs where you can get a seat.