Heh heh whilst the majority of publoggers are away I SHALL TURN THIS PLACE INTO A HELLISH MIASMA OF GOTHS! Bwahahahaha! Welcome, children of the night!

So, a pub in Camden then, the Oxford Arms. We found this after a gruelling return to London and trawl of the Mornington Crescent –> Camden Town charity shops. I’d seen this pub on previous trips to Camden, but tended to shun it. Evidence for doing this: it is on Camden High Street. The clientele of Camden. The potential of pub being FILLED with the clientele of Camden. (Or The Clientele, YIPES). From the outside it looks rather shabby. But this time, seeing as we’d just made it back safely from Oxford, we considered the pubs name to be an omen. And ventured in. They fleeced us THROUGH THE NOSE for two pints of coke, then we sat down. The ladies toilets were very small, and not in that good nick.

So, a regular Camden pub, you reckon.

But no! The pub wasn’t over full, and soon we moved to a seat by the window. There were plenty of seats and tables surrounding the windows, which were high up enough so as to block out the horror of the goths outside but still allowed plenty of light. The tables were unadorned wood and they had plenty of decent bitters on tap. Also CIDER on tap that wasn’t Strongbow! K-blimey, the clear and present danger of cider and black! Yet the pubs clientele seemed relatively normal. This may be due to the time of day (about 5-6pm) but yet the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. We CRAVED IT FOR OUR LOCAL. It was the type of place I would actually feel comfortable turning up by myself, reading the paper, or perhaps a BOOK, and then leaving. They also do a pub quiz which is free to enter and has CASH PRIZES! I should imagine by quiz time the place is more packed, but you pays your price as the evening goes on. Recommended for an afternoon/early evening drink very highly if you find yourself in Camdens environs and need an escape from the horrors.