PUBS WHAT HAVE BEEN DONE UP. It always makes me chuckle when a dingey old man’s pub is tarted up a la Nu Shoreditch in relentless pursuit of the upwardly mobile drinker, and fails to quite shake off the old clientele. Such a Waterloo stalwart on Lower Marsh, whose original names eludes me, but was something to do with the Spanish civil war, has taken the new economy route. Now called the Ruby Lounge with yer leather sofas and cube shaped pouffes and low hanging lighting, does a brisk evening trade with the polo-neck brigade; however, of a lunch time it’s patchily filled with old blokes, dogs, market traders and careworn middle aged women on the Bacardi and Cokes. It must put the staff in a difficult position, after all what can they say? Sorry old-timer, this pub has moved on – be off to the Wetherspoons, it’s targeted at your demographic. No, they seethingly serve a pint of Guinness (Extra Cold) and pray for the polo hour of 6pm to roll on.