Those with long publog memories will no doubt remember The Blue Posts Pub Crawl which took place just before Christmas last (after which it is safe to say that the Rupert Street Blue Posts – or the pub of sexism as it became known – has installed itself as a firm favourite). Nevertheless said Route Of Kings was sullied by the fact that we could not get in the final Blue Posts, that in St James.

Another Saturday, another excuse to go drinking and finding ourselves at a loose end in Shepherds Market (the kind of place that has Twee TM branded on it) we decided on another stab at The Pub Of Failure. We reckoned that since last time we tried (10:20 on a Saturday) the place had just shut, an 8pm stab at the place would finally allow us to finish this page of our Eye-Spy book. Unfortunately Big Chief Eye-Spy will have to be delayed again. Big Chief Pumpkin Publog was nary resigned to the fact that at the day we decided to go at 8:05pm, the pub shut at eight. At least this time we managed to get inside the damn thing.

So we ended up wending our maerry way through the pub desert that is St James (where every pub shuts just before you get there) to end up at my latest find – the Glasshouse Stores on Brewer Street. Nothing overwhelming to say about the place, its yet another Sam Smiths which pretty much meets the Sam Smiths formula (two levels of differing trad style decor) music without a jukebox. However it is notable for being the only pub I know in Soho with a Bar Billiards table. And for that it should be praised.