Celebs in the Pub – A Note On Etiquette So we’re in an unnamed pub in an unidentified district of North London. We have just finished last in a pub quiz. Several excuses were forthcoming for this poor performance. All of us had drunk more than the two-pint recommended limit for entering quizzes. We had previously had a belly-busting biriyani from the restaurant down the road which proved quite a distraction in the gastroentestinal area. We were entirely underprepared for any form of pub quiz (i.e. hadn’t read Metro in six months, not been following the boxing, hadn’t found out who’d shot Phil yet). AND we’d never done this particular quiz before (or even ever been in the pub). So we were relatively content to end up at the bottom of the heap, knowing we’d be back for more at a later date.

When the results are read out, it turns out there was a tie between two teams. One team, numbering five or six, were beered up and cheering. The other team was an unspecified comedy celebrity and what appeared to be his sig. other. The celeb, who appeared to be a regular, seemed happy to split the prize. So when it finally ended up with a tie-break question, he didn’t seem too bothered and gave a wildly wrong answer, allowing the other team their victory.

Before leaving, he admitted defeat gracefully and walked over to the other team to congratulate them. The head of the winning team, flushed with beer, success and beer, asked “why don’t you shoot some scenes for the next series of your sitcom here”, in the pub. The others in the team thought it was a great idea. The celeb nodded wearily.

This is the reason why the famous-ish should not mix with the proles – unwarranted drunken mateyness. Enjoy your quiz but leave ’em alone kids, please!