I have no idea about the Oxford Blue – however I have been drinking at “The Oxford Pub” or to give it its full and rather more revealing title The Oxford Pub: It’s A Scream. It’s A Crime, more like, etc. This used of course to be The Hobgoblin, famously rough-as-boots pub on “the Plain” (or “the Roundabout” as it should perhaps be called). It has since mutated. Along the way I am almost positive it was called for a short while simply The Pub. Making it only a participle away from the Repo Man gone mad nightmare of a pub simply called Pub.

Come to think of it it’s surely only a matter of time before some ghastly bar round Old Street way (see Publogs passim) changes its name to the fashiomably monosyllabic Pub in order to enrage and confuse us. Bah.

Pumpkin Publog