A Pumpkin Publog correspondent informs me that the Cambridge Blue (on Gwydir Street, round the back of Mill Road, where there are a couple of great balti restaurants) is quite a good pub. Apparently, it has a welcome no-mobile phone policy and is also non smoking.

Although I spent my formative years in Cambridge, I have never been to the Cambridge Blue. However, I was a regular visitor to what I thought was the only totally non-smoking pub there – the Free Press on Prospect Row. This is a cracking little pub which is always busy, despite it being tucked away on a back alley behind the shopping centre. It’s only serious fault is its wealth of rowing memorabilia on the walls.

Are there (m)any non-smoking pubs in London? Although I’m a non-smoker, I’m generally against them because (i) they tend to encourage family attendance (+inevitable kiddies) and (ii) I don’t think it feels the same to enter into a pub which doesn’t stink of fag-ash.