Two things I heard last night:

i) Axl Rose has found God,
ii) Snakebite is actually illegal because you can’t guarantee the ABV. Pete, is this true?

I also got to put the ‘on own in pubs’ theory to the test. What I did:

a) mooched about. Lowered tone of pub (a tough feat since this was It’s A Scream).
b) played quizzer. I should have heeded John’s advice! Someone indeed did come up behind me and peer at the screen, and witnessed me lose on the first money question (something about bloody This Life)
c) read local freesheet. AN ERROR. It had part one of a three-part article in very small type about digital cameras and a long unfunny thing on dentists by one ‘Reynard’. These rags should be banned from pubs, no question.