thirteen days in sosho

I leave my job on the 26th Jan, and this marks the end of my weekday presence in what many would have you believe to be London’s finest bar zone. Hmmm. “Where are you going tonight?” “Well I thought I would hit the bars in Sosho.” “Oh no! You’re a complete arse!”

While I grant you, there are a fair few sleek establishments aimed at your average Clerkywell dilletante, there are also some frankly shocking places. The wannabe invented name ‘Sosho’ (South Shoreditch, oooh oooh, it’s near Hoxton, it’s so cool) essentially defines the whole experience. The main thing to know about the area approximately between Old Street, City Road and Great Eastern Street is that you could do a very traditional pub crawl which needn’t involve any of the hyped spots. But that would be really obtuse.

What you will get over the next fortnight is sporadic ramble about the places I’ve been to over the last two years and some general sniping about EC2. Come publoggers, write down your own views and maybe join me for a few jars in my last weeks as a non-tourist in this area.