The Best Barmaid In London? Possibly. Now everyone knows that Pumpkin Pubs has a strange predilictation for The Rising Sun on Tottenham Court Road – usually known as The Riser. Strange because these days there really is little special about the pub to recomend it. Its stupidly expensive, the decor is about as average as central London pbs get and it no longer serves the Belgian beers (or indeed Scottish Oat Stout) that previously made its name.

Now however they may have hit upon a new ruse. It would appear that in their recent recruitment they have unearthed a gem – quite possibly the best barmaid in London. Professional, quick, chatty without being intrusive. And she had her hair in bunches, which may say something about me but I think they are unusual enough to warrant a mention. Our rowdy behaviour in the Riser on Wednesday did not faze her, nor did conversations about breast implants and fatty deposits looking like maggots. Its early doors, but at the moment the Pumpkin Pubs Barmaid of the Year 2001 is… “Pigtails”.