If you are in a pub on your own, don’t be tempted to pass the time on a quiz machine. It’s far too likely that someone will come up to you and try to “help”, or worse, just watch the screen annoyingly over your shoulder.

On the other hand, fruit machines are perfect for the sole drinker, assuming you can bear the loss of cash and sense of ennui that they produce. It’s extremely unlikely that a local will see fit to step up to you while you’re playing “Squids In” or “Jackpoteers” to suggest that you hold a fruit or choose a feature. If someone does, they are trying to make you lose so they can clean up later. Be warned.

Fruit machines are, of course, pretty sad pastimes. As the Barcrest site comprehensively proves. I shan’t be joining the Players Club in a hurry (unless someone tells me I’m missing out).