When you want a seat – going to the pub at six is a no-no. In the Charlotte Street area there are no seats at six. Five, you have acres of parking room, at seven it will be clearing up, but for that one punch drink at six for the local workers, the pubs are full.

In our search for a table for four I scurried round some of the lesser known pubs in the area. Disappointed that upstairs at the Bricklayers was full we tried the Fitzroy, Haymarket, Cambridge and Duke Of York until we reached Goodge Street and the One Tun. A bit to clean exponent of Young’s fine ales – and unfortunately missing on the obvious opportunity to serve Chinese food. Bit bright, the Tun is, but well appointed. Its not a touch on their older establishments (the heaven sent Lamb f’rinstance) but any opportunity to get re-acquainted with Young’s Pilsner is appreciated. That the main comedy material used for the evening were transcripts from the Hamilton / Al Fayed trial added to the gentle ambience. The unfortunate choice of Travis on the bar staff operated CD player was a downer though.

All this and a C-List celebrity on the table behind – Channel 4 being round the corner you get comedy up and comers like Ricky Jervaise proving his on screen slouch image is no image. He drinks beer like the rest of us, and for that be praised. The One Tun is by no means the best pub in the world, but as a haven for tired legs and outlet of Triple AAA its the best the area has to offer.