“The horror….the horror….”. Five of us set out on Operation: Blue Posts. And it must be said that five returned, though with Magnus it was a close thing. It has long been a contention of mine that the pub conversation is mankind’s finest cultural achievement: a safe statement to make since these conversations are rarely if ever recorded. But the Blue Posts pub crawl was a special occasion and demanded – or so I thought – immortalisation. And thus it was that I got out my trusty Challenge notebook and faithful biro and started writing – in note form – the various topics that arose.

A foolish, foolish error.

Before we enter the first Blue Posts, a word about our cast. The leaders of the mission were Pete and Tim: the stout-hearted sergeant of the platoon, if you like, and the old veteran on one final tour of duty. I was the smart arse writer like him out of Full Metal Jacket. Dave had just come down to London, and therefore is the obligatory ‘Country Boy’ in the squad. And Magnus…well, I’m afraid to say that Magnus is the greenhorn. Guest starring Jim from Matinee Records and Peter Stringfellow.

Pumpkin Publog