The Blue Posts Pub Crawl – a bit like climbing Everest. I would imagine that there will be much discussion on this most successful of events round this publog in the next week or so (plus the plans for us to to retake this summit) – but first the basics.

Premise 1: There are five pubs in the Soho area called The Blue Posts.
Premise 2: These pubs are within 400 yards of one another, in no way affiliated to each other (by brewery or ownership) and all are vaguely pleasant.
Premise 3: We wanted to go to the pub on Saturday (2nd December 2000 for posterity’s sake).

The idea of this pub crawl has been lurking in collective minds for some time, and took very little organisation by myself and Hopkins. And a success it was – with the exception of Blue Posts V – the one which for some reason closed at 10pm. This is why the summit was not obtained, and why the crawl must be reattempted. More details shall ensue, but by way of introduction let me give you the names of all the pubs as now defined:
Blue Posts I : The pub of lies
Blue Posts II: The pub of politics
Blue Posts III: The pub of music
Blue Posts IV: The pub of sexism
Blue Posts V: The pub of failure