PUBLOG LIVE REPORT 22/12/00 – Supplementary

Yet again – much like the publog appears to be set up to apologise for people – I must say the consternation caused to the gay couple (and first I have heard of their gayness – they just pissed me off) was merely because they were cramping our previously salubrious and relatively tight knit group.

Line up tonight if you wish to know as Pete, Tom and Alex Thompson (special guest star) plus early doors the McGhee’s. Next we got a special appearance by Magnus to tell us about French bird and her plank. Then it was P, T & AT until the Mortimer voyeur session when Al rocked up and was his usual self.

You get to a point when anyone trying to attract attention to themselves really pisses you off. So gay couple merely being chatty were on a loser until I came over and told them that they perturbed me (one way or another). Mainly because they were hitting on Al – which is in itself a bizarre concept – but nevertheless – if you instigate a pub crawl you have a degree of responsibility for your charges.

I would never say I was responsible mind.