Loathe as I am to interrupt this pub crawl there is a point to be made regarding the fascinating topics of alcohol and language. True bilingualism comes into its own in social environments and particularly at the bar. Well, in The Crown last night it did, having overheard Mr Foreign Johnny request ‘ a pint of Guinness and a half pint of Stella Artois’.

When did you last hear a native speaker ask for a Stella Artois? Or a Kronenbourg 1664? Or a half? What other ridiculous foreign requests have you overheard at the bar readers?

On a similar theme, Senor Spanish Bloke made a ludicrous attempt to tap a fag whereas Mr Native made a perfectly reasonable request for a light. This is not necessarily a foreigner thing as plenty of British blokes (it’s never girls for some reason) have tried to tap fags. The best one of recent times was a bloke who dashed into the pub as if it were the emergency room, breathlessly demanded a fag (god, I hope he wasn’t in the late stages of emphysema………) and dashed out again. His success was down to his urgency. And the fact that he was alone.

Just thought potential fag tappers might be interested.