The Cider Armadillo: Tom appears to be posting much up on Blue Lines that would fit happily here too. To wit the secret arts of the Cider Armadillo – as taught to us by Exeter City’s finest Tim. Now I cannot say I strictly approve of novelty drinks in pubs, having downed one too many Campari, Baileys and Pernod threesomes in early youth – but there is somethign rather appealing about the armadillo. Whilst I have never been bold enough to dive head on in for the full Zyder Army experience it has the benefit of tasting – on a cursory sip – slightly nicer than its two original elements.

On a full pint you get the gabbling incoherence that was Tom last night. I certainly remember him being extraordinarily put out when – idiosyncratically – Bilko got court-martialed at the end of last nights episode. I blame the poor writing on Neil Simon.