I want my money back – a cry you will rarely hear me say in a pub. Nevertheless I was piqued into an argument with a bar manager last night in that usual battle of the little man versus the large corporation. Not strictly a pub, I was drinking in the University of London Union bar (henceforth known as the shithole that is ULU) not out of choice – merely because it was raining and I wanted to watch the football. Accompanied as I was we made a sally to the shithole that is ULU to get two pints a stand uncomfortably to watch the match. Two minutes, and one sup after we got our beers, the coverage broke down.

Premise number one: I went to drink in ULU because it was showing the match.
Premise number two: I would not have drunk there unless they had advertised it.
Premise number three: While entrance to the bar was free, there is an implicit contract when you enter to buy a beer else you would get thrown out.
Premise number four: We had not drunk much of our beer.
Conclusion: We were entitled to our money back.

Of course the bar manager was having none of this, instead squealing that they had paid ‘160 for the privilige of showing the game which they probably would not get back. I replied that this was nonsense, and they would probably have a good case for lost earnings. I obviously did not get the ‘4:30 back, but stay tuned publogeers, because I’m not letting this one lie.

I am not sure however if this weakens or strengthens our case.