Well its obvious that using Blogger has already quadrupled the number of people looking at the pub reviews. I have already had one correspondant bristling with our look at the The Pint Pot (Pentonville Road, Islington).

Purdy writes “Well mister le chair should sling his hook coz when the community spirit shone bright from the pint pot in the seventies I was their to soak its warming rays and tip toeing into the eighties it was a place that moved even the saddest bastard to admit that he/she was having a good time. The nineties ,,,,,,well ,,,,,,,,we just had it large full ‘no bloody’ stop!!!”

Now Purdy brings up a number of interesting points – not all of them regarding the thorny issue of punctuation within e-mails. In general any review of a pub will obviously depend on the night said reviewer was in there. Now in the case of the Pint Pot: it’s by no means a regular of Mr Le Chair – but he has drunk there on a number of occasions and as he mentions in his review, he rather likes it. Part of the Pumpkin Pubs ethos is to try and get to the nitty gritty of why a pub works in less dry terms than “They serve Black Bishop Ale”, or “Jukebox is too loud”. A two pub nutter night is not a bad night out, it’s interesting and gives you a story to tell.

I think Purdy is right that the pub is lively and does have a community spirit. Part of that community is the pub nutter. I can’t say that it is quite a lively as suggested above now, but its certain worth a bob or two of you beer drinking money. I’ll update you on this one, because odds are I’ll be in there some time next week.