EGG AND BARLEY – A Review of the Bull & Gate, Kentish Town: Wow, we’ve only been live for two hours and already I have had a mailed in contribution. (Not strictly true, this was sent to me, unsolicited a good week ago and now I have something to do with it. I’ll be attempting to get the author : Mr Dan Ward, to contribute more often.)

“Although I have just read a frightening musing which suggested that merely by being self aware and having an knowledge of Nathan Barley leaves me dangerously succeptible to the evils of his existence, I will persevere in the hope of righteousness, and attempt to say that the Bull And Gate (Kentish Town Road the editor assumes) is a fine pub. The down side is the expense of the food, although it is very good, but the up-side is that it is on my doorstep, almost literally. Also watch out for the b-list celebs that frequent the joint, namely Andrew ‘TV licence’ Lincoln, Rufus Sewell and their mates.

This may be a downer at first glance, but think of it this way, with reasonably priced and selected beer it is an opportunity to observe these creatures in their own habitat. With just a little self-respect you can stay here for hours and feel good about yourself, purely by not being one of the fops who regularly greet the voice-over artistes on first name terms, despite knowing them better as Egg et al. On a rare occasion you can even see a Barley (although not quite, because they are ‘working’ conducting an interview with a Goldsmith’s student on a mini-disc.) What a treat!”

Your editor has also spent the odd salubrious night in the Bull And Gate, and the odd slightly more unpleasant evening listening to lousy bands out back. The stage in the back room is literally three milk crates and a bit of plywood – which matches the PA’s lack of ability to strictly address the public. The pub appears suspicious from the front having had a far too competent lick of paint of late. Still, must go back.