CHEERS: Okay I’ve been nagged enough by the other contributors to Pumpkin Pubs, and mainly Tom Ewing: who’s sparkling prose can be found at Blue Lines, nylpm and pretty much all over Freaky Trigger (which is only fair as it is his website). All well worth going to for a good read.

So what is Pumpkin Publog. It is an extension, and now the new lifeblood of Pumpkin Pubs which is itself an offshoot of Pumpkin State. The idea of Pumpkin Pubs was to provide a constantly expanding set of reviews of London boozers. It floundered because there was only so much one could say about pubs, and whilst the list of contributors were all good, it did not quite succeed.

So to the publog. This will be a team blog, and if you want to join please e-mail me on The idea will be to continue to provide an easily accessible way of putting in thoughts about mine and your pub going. Since this could just be a paragraph, it will be easier to access and then, when I think I have enough for a proper review, the bits and bobs will be edited to sit by the others (maps included).

However the publog also is availible for your musings about the pub experience, on booze, conversational gambits, jukebox ettiquette and anything else that you might want to bring to our attention. So if you are interested, keep reading, and why not join in?